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Monday, July 6, 2015

Boeing Has a Flying Car?

Boeing Has a Flying Car - Flying car is indeed becoming a sought after vehicle and a dream for the future. This is because the streets are getting crowded with ground vehicles. However, the flying car has still not been realized. There is still much study to do before launching a flying car.

Some already existing works, although eventually it should be damaged. But this one is different because its creator is a company making aircraft. This concept is named Sky Commuter was designed by Boeing.

Boeing Has a Flying Car

The concept Commuter Sky is actually already made since the 1980s. In its development, a prototype is supposed to have three wheels and powered by a gas turbine engine on-board associated with three arms propeller through a driveshaft-based helicopter. The concept car that resembles the tricycle has backfiring on the tow.

Boeing Has a Flying Car

Touted, Boeing has spent funds amounting to 6 million dollars for the development of this concept. Unfortunately, the project of making a three-wheeled vehicle can fly this void in the middle of the road. Three prototypes have been produced. One of the remaining auctioned by Barrett-Jackson with an estimated starting price of US $ 71,500.

However, these auctions only targeting the collectors. Because, this vehicle could not work because of his empty home. But at the very least, the buyer can have the Sky Commuter this historic project.

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Boeing Has a Flying Car

Boeing Has a Flying Car

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