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Friday, July 3, 2015

FACT! Once Full Tank, Hydrogen Toyota Cars Could Mileage 502 Km

 Hydrogen Toyota Cars - Toyota Motor has announced data ability of hydrogen-fueled cars cruising the results of his creation, Toyota Mirai. The car whose name means ' Future ' this could drove 502,1 kilometers (km) in all the contents of the fuel tank until full.

The fact it’s the result of a test conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) of the United States. This figure is actually not much different with claims submitted by Toyota.

President and CEO of Toyota Motor Corp when introducing this car in the past year says, “the car could be sped up to more than 300 miles or 483 km. hydrogen tank Filling continued very quickly after roughly 3 minutes”.

Hydrogen Toyota Cars

Meanwhile, Toyota Motor Sales America mentions this car went on sale in the United States in the fall. Toyota would provide a number of special facilities for buyers or renters the cars.

Facilities on this newest car models is, for three years will get free fuel equivalent worth US $ 15,000. Buyers will also get a free three-year safety features Connect and the application Entune communication features.

Hydrogen Toyota Cars

They will also get the support services or other assistance for 24 hours in the week-long. Other facilities, free maintenance for three years will also be given in addition to emergency aid on the way. 

Hydrogen Toyota Cars

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