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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Pixis Mega, Tiny Cars from Toyota

Pixis Mega, Tiny Cars from Toyota - A type of Kei Car is already quite a lot in Japan. Its small and cute make kei car of interest many people in Japan. Now, Toyota introduced the Kei Car Toyota Pixis Mega, a new model that looks like a toy car.

Mega is a new Member of the family who are supplied by Daihatsu Pixis under Treaty of Original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Pixis Mega accompanies Pixis Space, Van/Truck and Epoch. Although diminutive, Pixis Mega can accommodate four adults comfortably. However, the four adults had higher average male in Japan as high as 170 cm.

Pixis Mega, Tiny Cars from Toyota

Mega Pixis have doors that feature one-touch electric mechanism for the rear passengers can improve access to the cabin. Cabin height of 1.455 mm of the total height of the vehicle body Though 1.835 mm. Taller and less breadth, Toyota says Pixis Mega stick offer stability to handling, suspension and body structure that has been overhauled.

Pixis Mega, Tiny Cars from Toyota

Toyota claims, Kei Car also offers considerable luggage space. There is special storage space under the floor of the trunk with a capacity of 90 litres. Powered by 660 cc gasoline engine. The car was offered in two versions with naturally aspirated horsepower that has a maximum of 51 horsepower turbocharged with or capable of spitting out power to 63 horsepower.
Pixis Mega, Tiny Cars from Toyota

With this small engine, its fuel consumption can touch the 25.4 km/liter. This car is sold with a starting price of 1.350.000 yen or the equivalent of 11,000 USD.

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Pixis Mega, Tiny Cars from Toyota

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